First International Numismatic Conference
Russia, Saratov-2001

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Oriental Numismatic Society

Coins And Money Circulation
In The Mongol States
13 - 15 Centuries

Preliminary Announcement (09 August 2000)

Russian version

Applications received

on the conference news


Thematic Range
  • The Great Mongol Empire
  • China Under The Mongol Domination
  • Chaghatayids
  • Ilkhans
  • The Golden Horde And Its Descendants
  • The Crimean Khanate (Giray Khans)
  • Related Items:
    • Mongols and Russia
    • Mongols and Egypt
    • Mongols and India
Terms and Conditions
  1. The Conference is to be held at Saratov, Russia in September 2001 (estimated term - 5 to 8 days).
  2. The Organizing Committee: Pavel N. Petrov (Chairman and Coordinator), Dr. Vladimir N. Nastich (Scientific Supervisor and Press Secretary), Sergey V. Gumayunov (Resident Deputy Chairman), Vladimir A. Belyaev (Deputy Chairman).
  3. The publication of all delivered papers is provided (in Russian and English; in case of other languages, French and German can be considered preferable).
  4. Staying in one of the pension houses on the bank of the Volga with full board.
  5. The cultural programme will include visiting museums in Saratov, town excursions, a journey to one of the Golden Horde medieval sites.
  6. Numismatic literature (sale and exchange).
  7. Additional service which will be available in the Conference service-center:
    • international phone;
    • fax;
    • e-mail (free);
    • Internet access;
    • copying service;
    • workplace with PC, printer, scanner.
  8. The applications can be sent immediately by e-mail: ppn@kis.ru, to the attention of Pavel N. Petrov.
  9. Estimated expenses - $ 350 per capita (without transportation to Saratov).

Additional information:

Saratov is located 1 1/2 hours by plane or about 16 hours by train southeast of Moscow.
Currently (on August 2000) round trip Moscow-Saratov air tickets costs about $100. Train tickets costs about $50.
The clickable map of the South Russia region.
Some information about Saratov.

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