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Coins And Money Circulation
In The Mongol States
of 13-15th Centuries

on a photo of the most interesting coin on subjects of the Conference

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  1. The photo chosen as the winner of the contest will be placed on a cover of the First Russian International Numismatic Conference "Coins And Money Circulation In The Mongol States of 13-15th Centuries" proceedings.
  2. Author of the best photo will get a prize.
  3. Requirements to photos:
    • At contest must be presented color photos of both sides of a coin;
    • The photo should be executed on a glossy paper, the size 1015 sm, scaling of object within the limits of 1,8 - 2,0 times.
  4. In the covering letter should be specified:
    • coin definition (identification), if known to author;
    • coin weight, diameter and metal;
    • author's full name;
    • contact (mail address,phone, fax, e-mail address);
    • any additional information (finding place, owner, references etc.);
    • your agreement/disagreement with the photo publication in the conference proceedings, even if the photo will nod be the contest winner; also you can adjust the data published about photo's author;
    • your agreement/disagreement with the photo publication in the Inernet after the proceedings will be published.
  5. Photos which have come on contest after April, 15, 2001, will not be considered.
  6. Photos can be sent not only the conference participants, but any person.
  7. One author have right to offer no more than 5 coin photos.
  8. Photos can't be returned to authors.
  9. If you have any doubts, if the coin is interesting or important, you can before making photo prepare scanned image and send it via e-mail to the address Requirements to the image:
    • JPG or GIF format;
    • coin flan size - about 200 pixels.
  10. Photos publication in the conference proceedings:
    • All interesting and qualitative photos will be published in the conference proceedings with reference on authors of photos (if only the author will not declare the opposite);
      The Organizing Committee reserves the right to itself to choose from the photos sent by the author only the most worthy coin for the publication.
    • At an estimation of an opportunity of publication of a photo in attention are accepted a rarity of a coin (year, mint, ruler etc.), features of monetary issue (historical background), if a coin was published anywhere; quality of a coin, quality of a photo.
    • The photos unused in the proceedings will not be published without the additional sanction of authors in any other printed editions, and as will not be transferred to the third parties.
    • If the total amount of photos publications will exceed opportunities of the proceedings, the editorial board reserves the right to itself to use them for publication in the proceedings of the following convocation without reception of the additional sanction of the author.
  11. Photos publication in the Internet:
    • Received photos in the case of the sanction of the author will be published in the Internet at the address after the publication of the conference proceedings;
    • By default the photo author's data will not be published in the Internet, if only the author will not want the opposite.

On any question please fill free to write to Pavel Petrov at address

The Organizing Committee

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