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Tamghas of Great Mongol Khans and khans of Mongolian states



Im receiving many requests from numismatists and collectors of different countries about Mongolian tamghas. Below presented the table of tamghas of different rulers of Great Mongol Empire. The table based on years of investigations in Mongolian numismatics. Researches are currently still in progress, we receiving unknown before, new coin material, so corrections and additons are possible. Ill be grateful for any comments.

In the table are presented not all known tamghas, but mainly those, which can be definetly attributed with personalities or ruling houses. Presence of tamgha on a coin doesnt mean that ruler, whose name is specified on a coin, is owner of that tamgha. Tamgha on the coin firstly means that mint was in the lands of tamghas owner.

We placed links to the coins from the on-line database ZENO.

This material together with detailed explanations will be published in the proceedings of the Conference Coins And Money Circulation In The Mongol States of 13-15 Centuries (Saratov 2001 and Murom 2003).







Chingiz Khan









Juchi khan

Batu khan

Berke khan

Möngke Timur






Chaghatays descendants

Yasawur b. Duwa?

Qazan Timur and Khalil Allah

# 3820






Duwa khan and his descendants

# 724

Descendant from the clan of Duwa khan 744AH









# 1160









Güyük kaan

## 4245, 4246


Güyüks descendants

# 1509






or or


Ögedei kaan

# 701, 3773


# 4030

Ögedeis descendants (Chapar, Shah? )

Ali Sultan 741AH

# 4242







Möngke kaan

## 711, 1763, 2030


# 2435

Ariq Buqa kaan

# 1449, 1830






Girays (clan Sheiban, brother of Juchids Batu khan)

Sheibanids XVth C.







Tamghas without an attribution

Great Mongols and Chaghatayid





## 1694, 1702

# 3772

Imil 6x4AH

# 1761


13th C.

# 3771




Golden Horde


Sarai 780s AH

Sarai 785AH

790s AH

790s AH

790s (?) 800AH





End of 14th C.

Isan khan (Kazan?)

15th C.

Hajji Tarkhan




















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